Death Pool entries are locked at April 14th, 9pm EST. After the season premiere, your entries will become visible to people in your Death Pools.

You can see a user's pool entry by clicking on their name on the Death Pool page.
What is a Death Pool?

A Death Pool is just like a March Madness bracket if you replace basketball with gruesome murder and political scheming. is a site dedicated to allowing you to create, join, and share Death Pools containing your picks for who will live, die, or become a White Walker in the upcoming season of HBO's Game of Thrones.

You will be awarded points for correct answers, with the winner of a Death Pool being the user with the most points after the series finale. If you're curious how brackets are scored, check out our scoring guide below.

Compete against anyone in the world! Make a bracket for just you and your friends, make a bracket for your office, or join in any of the existing public Death Pools to face off against strangers on the internet!

If you're ready to participate you can start by creating your Death Pool Entry! With it, you can enter into any of the public Death Pools. You can also join a private pool with an invite link, or create a brand new pool to share with your friends.

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